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This is the fourth and final in a series profiling development on SE Ankeny St. This street is currently in the midst of massive redevelopment. Read part onepart two, and part three.

Several additional duplexes are wrapping up construction as part of the Ankeny Lofts project.

The property was previously home to an auto garage and yard.


The easternmost of the three lots saw the completion of two duplexes on the property in 2011. In 2013, the developer applied for construction on two additional lots to the west. The initial lot is 2,400 square feet. The two additional lots are each 2,500 square feet.

Construction began in 2014.



Photo credit: Portland Chronicle


Photo credit: Portland Chronicle

The Ankeny Lofts are directly to the west of the Ankeny Row project.


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Photo credit: Portland Chronicle


Photo credit: Portland Chronicle

Directly to the west of the Ankeny Lofts is a 108-year-old house which currently has an open application for demolition.

The Ankeny Lofts are owned by Ankenynest LLC and Mark Engberg. Ankenynest LLC lists Joshua Kadish as its registered agent, and includes Jeff Gersh as a member.


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Mark Engberg is an architect with COLAB Architecture + Urban Design, which designed the Ankeny Lofts.


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The general contractor on the project is Rainier Pacific Development, LLC.


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Rainier Pacific and COLAB are in the early stages of another collaboration at NW 22nd and Pettygrove.